Prado Pillow Black

By using a contrasting color of yarns a beautiful pattern is created in the flat woven base of the Prado pillow. Thicker yarns are periodically woven through and almost sit on top of the surface of the pillow creating a striped texture while simultaneously creating more color contrast among the yarns. This was a painstaking process to sketch and spec out each of the design elements of these pillows to make sure it all balanced well and that the weaver understood what we were asking for, he, of course, nailed it. The Prado pillow is beautifully handcrafted from black and white sheep's wool and cotton on a small shuttle loom in the mountains near Mexico City, Mexico by a father and son team. The large handspun yarns create a beautiful, soft texture. The pillow back is flat woven from wool, comes with a zipper, and ready to use with a pillow insert.

Need some styling assistance before you purchase your pieces? Contact Ryan for no extra charge! 

    1. 20" x 20"
    1. Handspun, hand dyed sheep's wool
    2. Side zipper
    3. Poly-cotton pillow insert
    1. Black with white

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