Mijo Pillow

Both the Mija and Mijo pillow designs came from ink paintings Ryan created. Each painting was scanned into the computer and meticulously reconfigured to balance the shapes perfectly within the space of the pillows. The Mija throw pillow is lovingly handmade in black and natural wool, by Pastora and her collective of Zapotec women near Oaxaca City, Mexico. They wash, naturally dye, and spin all of the wool by hand. They then take our design spec, and flatweave the pillows by hand, one by one, on a pedal loom, talking several weeks per pillow.  The pillow has a handwoven cotton back with a zipper and comes ready to use with a pillow insert. 

Need some styling assistance before you purchase your pieces? Contact Ryan for no extra charge!

    1. 20" x 20"
    1. Handspun, hand dyed sheep's wool
    2. Handspun, handwoven cotton back with zipper
    3. Poly-cotton pillow insert
    1. Black and natural