Ligne Rug

The design for the Ligne rug was created in Ryan's sketchbook. Many hours were spent adapting and rendering the sketch, tweaking the lines, spacing, lengths, widths, and color, making sure each element and the overall layout was well balanced. The Ligne features black and natural 100% alpaca fiber, which is strong, yet soft and elegant. The fiber is naturally dyed and spun by hand, then each rug handwoven one at a time on a pedal loom in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico by our friend and artisan Bumaro. Each rug can take up to two months to complete. Loom weaving has taken place just this same way for many many generations by Zapotec artisans in this region. This amazing piece of collectible craftsmanship will likely last more than a lifetime with the proper care and cleaning.

Need some styling assistance before you purchase your pieces? Contact Ryan for no extra charge!

    1. Small - 5ft x 8ft - $3,750
    2. Large - 6.5ft x 10ft - $5,750
  • Handspun, hand dyed Alpaca fiber
  • Black and natural