The Creative Process

July 17, 2018

The Creative Process


Design, for me, is a part of my everyday life. I look at the world around me. A lot. Inspiration can come from the most basic places, food, a shape we see in nature, a piece of furniture, a common geometric figure. It can also come from a strong emotion, a texture, a color combination, or some random imagination, or how land meets sky, or the afternoon light in the sky as the sun falls. I look at patterns, tiles, floors, edges, surfaces of things. I look and if I feel inspired, I tend to think of something I want to design. I sketch, draw lines or shapes that resonate with the inspiration I feel. I strip away what is unneeded. I look, and feel my feelings as I look. I try to balance what remains on the page: make it harmonious for me to look at. It has to feel good at the same time. It needs to feel ‘set’- heavy, like it has being, like it can stand alone in space somehow. I like minimal- simple, even basic, well thought out design with clean orderly lines. That’s my preference. I tend to be rather philosophical about design and I respond to more straight architectural lines and simplicity.

It is important when I design, to consider the medium- is this for a rug, a pillow, furniture? Is it a house? In the case of textiles, if it is woven what loom will it be woven on? What are the limits of the loom? We love handmade or handwoven. What are the materials that will be used for its construction? Will it be out of sheeps wool? Alpaca fiber? Cashmere? How will the design look in the fiber we choose? Does the artisan have special skills we can take advantage of to make this item look better? Can what I want to see be easily drawn and explained? Can I communicate my idea easily, even if there may be a language barrier? Usually, the raw design inspiration is different from this finished product some how. That’s okay- both have their rewards and challenges. I learn something valuable in both processes that I can use the next time I go to the drawing board.

I respond the same way at a photo shoot, or a video shoot, or writing a blog post, or posting on instagram: I like it to feel sculptural, structural, built. I like it to emit a certain visual tonality, a subtle feel of being set in time and space and emotion.


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